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Druk Air - Royal Bhutan Airlines
Druk Air- Royal Bhutan Airlineshttp://www.drukair.com.bt/

Tashi Air- Bhutan Airlines

Royal Bhutan Airlines- Tashi Air

Firstly, whether you purchase through us or you buy directly it will cost the same.

Druk Air taking off from Paro AirportRoyal Bhutan Airlines or Druk Air flies to and from New Delhi, Bagdogra, Bodhgaya and Kolkota in India; Kathmandu in Nepal; Dhaka in Bangladesh; Bangkok in Thailand; and Singapore. The timings (and some routes) change ocassionally for various reasons but we would let you know when or if it happens.

Bhutan Airlines or Tashi Air is justa few years old and operates at present only for the Bangkok, Paro, Kathmandu and the Indian Delhi and Kolkota sectors. Fares in Tashi Air are almost exactly the same as Druk Air and I find the services very similar too :)

The only international airport is in Paro but recently three other domestic airports have been inaugurated in Batpalathang (Bumthang Dzongkhag), Gelephu (Sarpang Dzongkhag in the south) and Yongphula (Trashigang Dzongkhag in the east). Only Druk Air flies the domestic sectors.

To give you an idea of the airfares (which does fluctuate occasionally depending on the exchange rates on the day of purchase).

DRUK AIR- Royal Bhutan Airlines ECONOMY   TASHI AIR- Bhutan Airlines ECONOMY
Bangkok-Paro-Bangkok US$ 782.70 Bangkok-Paro-Bangkok US$ 782.70
Kathmandu-Paro-Kathmandu US$ 426.80 Kathmandu-Paro-Kathmandu US$ 426.80
Delhi-Paro-Delhi US$ 647.20 Delhi-Paro-Delhi US$ 647.20
Kolkota-Paro-Kolkota US$ 455.50 Kolkota-Paro-Kolkota US$ 455.50
Dhaka-Paro-Dhaka US$ 400.40 No flight to Dhaka
Singapore-Paro-Singapore US$ 967.40 No flight to Singapore
www.drukair.com.bt www.bhutanairlines.bt

Druk Air Domestic: Paro to Bumthang= US$ 177; Bumthang to Paro= US$177: Roundtrip= US$ 354
Tashi Air has no domestic flight.

* Fares may fluctuate a bit depending on exchange rates on day of purchase of tickets
** Fares as of 21 October 2017

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